Elect Mehdi Cherkaoui For
Houston City Council - District A 

Getting the Job Done!

District A deserves smarter leadership and stronger representation. My name is Mehdi Cherkaoui and I’m running for City Council District A to bring fresh bold ideas to city hall.

The same old ineffective ideas are just not cutting it. Business as usual in City Hall must be shaken up.

I pledge to my fellow District A residents that if you send me to City Hall I will work hard to bring about results that positively affect your daily lives in District A. Whether it’s fighting corruption, improving safety, strengthening our drainage system or balancing the budget without tax or fee increases, I ask for your vote to work for you the constituent, not lobbyists or the special interests.

I consider each and every vote for me a responsibility on my shoulders to do what’s right for my constituents in District A. And God willing, I intend to fulfill that responsibility and implement real life solutions for District A with the utmost integrity and loyalty.

I ask for your vote on November 5th so together, we’ll get the job done!

On November 5, 2019 Elect Mehdi Cherkaoui
For Houston City Council – District A