Back to basics! I’m running on issues that affect my fellow District A residents on a daily basis. Issues that the current city hall administration has failed to successfully address. As a plaintiff’s attorney by trade I am a problem solver and a zealous advocate.

If you send me to City Hall I will make the following issues my TOP PRIORITY:


Mehdi Cherkaoui Will Fight CorruptionFight Corruption

I cannot even begin to implement what is best for District A if there is corruption in City Hall.

 I pledge to never take part in any corrupt pay-to-play. Further, I will expose any pay-to-play activities I discover in City Hall.

Corruption stops here!

My loyalty is to the constituents of District A and my fellow Houstonians.


Public Safety is a Top Priority for Mehdi Cherkaousi Public Safety

I want my family and your family to feel safe living in District A in its entirety.

This begins with more police presence. More cops on our streets means bad guys will think twice before committing a crime in District A. And should a crime take place I will work with the Houston Police Department to push for swift investigation and aggressive prosecution of thefts and burglaries and other criminal activities.

We owe it to our kids!


Sex trafficking is a Top Priority for Mehdi Cherkaousi

Small Business

Small business is the lifeline of our economy. Having owned a small business myself, I know the challenges a small business owner can face especially in the first few months of opening. I want to implement a specific plan in City Hall that promotes the success of small business by decreasing permit costs, expediting the turn around time to get a permit processed and issued, and providing small businesses the tax relief they need to survive and strive.

We can can create a business-friendly environment in Houston to help create new ones and attract investors from all over the world.


Sex trafficking is a Top Priority for Mehdi Cherkaousi Sex Trafficking

It is no secret that the City of Houston is a hub for sex trafficking. District A is plagued with so-called “spas” and “massage parlors” and other shady establishments that promote sex trafficking. 

Sex trafficking breathes crime, drugs and other illegal activities which have no place next to our homes schools and places of worship.  

I will fight to clean up this infestation from District A and send a message to anyone that’s looking to operate a business that exploits the vulnerable amongst us,  you have no place in District A.


Flooding Drainage is a Top Priority for Mehdi Cherkaousi Flooding Drainage

While we cannot prevent the occurrence of another hurricane Harvey, we can work smart to avoid the catastrophic damage we witnessed in Houston and in District A.  

Years ago, Houston voters approved a drainage fee. And the city has collected more than a billion dollars to fund projects in the city including District A. Unfortunately, City Hall has spent only small amount on drainage infrastructure and has not provided any accountability in regards to the rest of the funds.

It’s not a difficult concept: drainage tax collected must be spent on Drainage! And Federal relief funds provided by FEMA must be spent to compensate flood victims! And it must happen NOW!



Do more with Less

Do more with Less is a Top Priority for Mehdi Cherkaousi

The answer to all of our problems CANNOT be more taxes and fees.

I’m a fiscal conservative who believes in a leaner budget. If you send me to city hall I will work on cutting budget waste and useless pet projects that are draining the city dry and find funds in what the city already collects.

These cuts must be bold so that we can run an efficient and balanced budget, pay for our policeman and firefighters without having to take any more of our fellow Houstonians hard earned money.

On November 5, 2019 Elect Mehdi Cherkaoui
For Houston City Council